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    • Mass Transit Options
      If we are to curb the growing problem of traffic congestion, we must build more safe and convenient mass transportation options, and I support the following mass transit solutions:

      • Building Metro's proposed Inner Purple line from Bethesda to New Carrollton via Silver Spring, which will preserve the Capital Crescent Trail
      • Building the Corridor City Transit Ways Light Rail Lines
      • Increasing the availability of county-provided door-to-door transportation for disabled and senior citizens who need assistance reaching medical appointments, day care programs, and other essential services
      • Enlarging Metro parking facilities and expanding Ride-On bus service
      • Controlling Metro fare increases through more efficient use and control of available funds
      • Extending the Metro Red Line from Shady Grove to Clarksburg and Frederick to relieve congestion along I-270
      • Forging greater regional cooperation between Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. on transportation projects
      • Providing new incentives for telecommuting and transit use
      • Improving access to and the safety of pedestrian routes
      • Constructing more bicycle paths to encourage this healthful, environmentally friendly option for commuting and recreation, and
      • Soliciting proposals from those in the community who have creative ideas for addressing transportation needs.
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    • The Mid-County Highway Extension (M-83)
      I oppose building the planned extension of the Mid-County Highway, because it would cut through Montgomery Village very close to Watkins Mill Elementary School and significantly disrupt sensitive wetlands.

    • Longdraft Road
      I oppose the widening of Longdraft Road in Gaithersburg to four-lanes, but favor improvements that would increase the safety of this route in its current configuration. As Co-Chair of the Longdraft Road Coalition, I have helped lead the fight against the expensive, ill-conceived widening plan, which would destroy one of the oldest and largest trees left in Gaithersburg and increase the environmental risk to Seneca Creek State Park. Read about my work with the Coalition in my Press Room.

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