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    • Health Care
      Like most states, Maryland is facing a healthcare crisis. More than 760,000 Maryland residents have no health insurance. Many thousands more do not have full access to all the health care services they need. And the mounting costs of prescription drugs are keeping treatment out of the hands of society's most vulnerable members, especially seniors.

      We must change this situation.

      As your Delegate I pledge to work to ensure all citizens access to affordable and high quality health care. An excellent start is the Fair Share Health Care Fund Act (the "Wal-Mart Bill") that requires large corporations to pay their fair share of employees' health care costs. I wholehearterdly support this legislation and promise my support on future efforts of this type. To read an opinion piece that appeared in the Gazette about this subject, click here.

      I will work to support prescription drug assistance, including drug re-importation from Canada, to help Maryland's citizens keep up with rising drug costs. On a related topic, it is essential to keep good doctors in Maryland to provide top-notch health care. That is why I support balanced medical malpractice reform that protects good physicians from frivolous lawsuits and rising malpractice insurance premiums, but will not take away the legal rights of patients with legitimate complaints.

    • Slot Machine Gambling
      I am steadfastly opposed to legalizing slot machine gambling in Maryland, under any pretext. Slot machines prey on some of the most vulnerable people in our society: those lost in the illusion of winning wealth in a lucky moment, and those addicted to gambling. The damage slot machines gambling would inflict on vulnerable adults, seniors and families would far outweigh any cash it might possibly bring to our state.

      As your Delegate, I pledge to be a guaranteed vote against slot machines in Maryland.

    • Affordable Housing
      Affordable housing is among the pressing issues in Montgomery County. Housing prices today are out of reach of many dual-income working class families and young professionals starting their careers. As a result, the County is steadily losing teachers, police officers, firefighters, and other essential professionals to surrounding counties.

      Part of the problem is that, a combined household income between $40,000 and-$60,000 a year is too high to qualify for low-income housing subsidies and yet not high enough to qualify for a standard 30-year mortgage on a median-priced home. We must address this issue immediately both to meet the needs of young, middle class families and to maintain the professional base our public services and our economy depend on.

    • State Workers' Living Wage
      Despite the best efforts of the Maryland Legislature to overturn Governor Ehrlich's veto, the State's minimum wage is only $6.15 an hour. This is $4.35 an hour below what researchers and other state governments have set as a minimum "living wage" ($10.50). It is especially outrageous that our State is not required to pay its own employees a living wage. Neither are contractors doing business with Maryland.

      Montgomery County already has such "living wage" laws on the books. Maryland should follow Montgomery County's leadership to make this legislation effective state-wide.

    • Tuition Freeze at University of Maryland
      For the University of Maryland to remain a viable college choice for thousands of Montgomery County residents, the steady rise in the school's tuition fees must be curbed. I join the Democratic leadership in urging the Governor and the legislature to freeze the cost of tuition at the University of Maryland and restore the university funding cut from the State budget since 2002. In the past four years, these cuts have triggered reductions in university programs and dramatic tuition hikes that have made UM one of the most expensive state schools in the country.

      To see a Washington Post article about this subject, click here.

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