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    The key phrases in the Pledge of Allegiance states "with liberty and justice for all". I believe that all Americans, whether they or their forebears came here 100 years ago or 1 year ago are entitled to the full range of civil liberties guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States. In the past few years, government actions have led to a slow eroding of the liberties we take for granted. Citizens and legal residents should not have to live in fear that their phones, homes and businesses can be wire-tapped without judicial or legislative authorization.

    Long-held beliefs that individuals are entitled to privacy regarding their their home life, religion, sexual activity, family planning and other personal issues increasingly have been challenged both in courts of law and in the court of public opinion. This goes against all that America has stood for over the centuries. Rather than curtailing certain civil liberties, I am in favor or expanding civil rights for all people. Some areas of particular concern are discussed below.

    • Consumer Privacy Protections
      Every time you use a credit card or a grocery store discount card, a record of your expenditures is being kept. These large companies then compile records on your spending patterns and lifestyle choices which they can sell or use to target you and your household for specific phone calls, advertisements, mailings, etc. As consumers we have a right to know how data gathered about us is being used. We need to prevent the potential for abuse and identify theft by tightening the laws protecting our privacy as consumers.

      To see a Washington Post article explaining how your personal information might be abused by an unscrupulous corporation, click here.

    • Immigration Law Enforcement
      The Federal Government has the full responsibility to enforce of our Immigration Laws and policies. If the State government of Maryland is expected to do the Federal Government's job, the Federal Government must provide the financial resources.

    • Driver's License Requirements
      The purpose for the written and road testing of potential drivers is to ensure public safety. Drivers must be able to understand and follow the traffic laws of Maryland. It is very important to me that those driving on our roads know the rules of the road and have demonstrated that they can drive safely.

      Enforcement of our Immigration laws is the province of the Federal Government. The already under-staffed Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) doesn't currently have the resources to properly check the citizenship status of drivers. But the MVA must insure that drivers on our roads are safe and won't be a hazard on Maryland's roads.

    • Racial Profiling
      I am 100% opposed to any type of racial or religious profiling for any purpose including determining who to stop for speeding, who to stop if a crime has been committed, who to wire tap or whose documents to check for immigration status. We need to continue to build a society that values us based on our actions - Not our appearances.

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